Outline of the Academy Programme

The Academy Programme and the Academy Theme provide the foundation for the JQ Young Academy’s academic work. The Academy Programme offers a framework for a close intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary dialogues between the Fellows themselves and with leading personalities from science, industry, society and politics, on the national and international level. To ensure that discussions are directed and focused, the Fellows set a new Academy Theme each winter term, in such a way that it can be reflected by any discipline. The joint thematic development of the Academy Theme in a cross-disciplinary manner, is tackled within the integral elements of the Academy Programme:

Internal round-table discussions on 24.04.2020 and 19.06.2020 include elements such as:

  • ‘Comprehending the interdisciplinarity’—a session where Fellows learn about research approaches in different fields.
  • ‘Ask me anything’— an interactive session to encourage cross-disciplinary basic questions that will help Fellows understand other research disciplines.

Our first summer school will take place in Helsinki (Finland) in the House of Science and Letters, week 32 in 2020. The summer school offers a versatile scientific programme: talks, expert groups, workshops, discussions on future perspectives in science, site seeing, etc.

The outcomes of the academy year will be presented via a format of the Fellows’ choice, e.g. symposium, annual book, etc.

Annual impulse-giving event and award ceremony welcoming new Fellows will take place in the autumn 2020.

A workshop, where Fellows formulate and decide on the next Academy Theme.

Scientific tandems in which the Fellows join together to organise the scientific events.

The JQYA relies on creative and motivated personalities, as the Fellows experience complete freedom in shaping the academy programme and initiating lively and fruitful discussions.

The Academy Theme in 2019/2020 – TENETS, VARIATIONS, TRANSFORMATIONS

For 2019–2020, the JQYA has chosen to address current issues in sciences, arts, and humanities through the theme ‘Tenets, Variations, Transformations’.As basic principles, tenets not only guide the practice of scientists across disciplines, but also the social and political life in our societies. Even though widely accepted, such principles are, however, subject to important variations. Any changes over time, that are transformative in scope, challenge the fundamental nature of tenets. Such paradigm shifts result in a conceptual re-thinking such as discovering of unknown natural laws, changes of institutional policies, definition of novel traditions, priorities, research fields, etc.The three key terms of tenets, variations, and transformations offer multiple avenues for a truly interdisciplinary discussion by posing scientific questions such as:

  • What are the ‘tenets’ we as a community adhere to in various contexts such as scientific practice across disciplines, or in society and politics?
  • What type of ‘variations’ can we discern from these tenets, and under what conditions are these still acceptable deviations of a given norm?
  • How do we define ‘transformations’, and to what extent do these deconstruct or replace pre-existing tenets and their variations?
  • How are the assumptions of these concepts correlated in the different disciple fields?
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